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Our products have formed the backbone of security applications throughout the African continent including airports, post offices, shopping malls, stadiums, government buildings and homes. Being known as the security product supplier of choice, not only for our unique one to one customer service but also for our above standard quality and competitive pricing.

ILLUDER.com South Africa is a leading CCTV, Access Control and Security Systems distributor to the African continent.

Customer Service – our unique approach to customer service ensures clientele are assisted efficiently, appropriately and promptly. The highest care is taken with the implementation of various systems to ensure that not only in store clients are assisted to the best of our ability but likewise with call in clients and customer emails.

Guaranteed Quality – our quality guarantee is rigorously upheld by our three phase quality control testing before products have even hit the shelves. This Method ensures reliable products in the field and has for the past 10 years. All products are covered by our 2 year carry in warranty, unless otherwise stated, and all warranties are handled by our in house technicians, ensuring a speedy turn around on any issues that should arise.

Competitive Pricing – ILLUDER.com maintains a key pulse on R&D and procurement which enables it to bring products at the right price and ensures a steady growth on its product portfolio, our extensive range ensures that a comparative product will always be available.